New Water Pumps

  • 09 feb 2021
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  • General Media
Once again the Metelli Group technicians have managed to improve the original product. From our analysis, supported by reports received from the market, it emerged that the original plastic cover, as a result of the high temperatures inside the engine, is subjected to deformation causing extensive damage with the consequent loss of the cooling between the pump and the cover. The solution proposed by Metelli Group is to offer the whole pump body, including the cover, in aluminum in order to guarantee greater resistance to high temperatures. The pumps are already equipped with 2 thermostats inside. This solution is already available for important applications of the VAG group mounted on 1.0TSI, 1.2TSI, 1.4TSI and 1.6 engines, covering an EU circulation of 5.7 million.

The new water pumps are available with the following codes:

METELLI: 24-1372 // 24-1373 // 24-1420

GRAF: PA1372 // PA1373 // PA1420

KWP: 101372 // 101373 // 101420